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Mosaic Grinding.Filling.Diamonding.Polishing & Crystalization

Crystallization is a method of polishing mainly marble (it also works well with other limestone). It is a type of wet maintenance procedure. Crystallization is carried out by applying crystallizer on a small fragment of floor, which is then buffed with a nylon pad or steel wool (depending on the chosen technology). After crystallization, the […]

Granite Cleaning.Grouting.Polishing. sealing & Crystalized

Marble Polishing and Restoration. Marble floors and countertops that have become dull and damaged will need professional service to restore their elegant luster and keep it looking at their best. At DIRT2SSHINE FLOOR CARE we know what it takes to make your marble floors look sensational again. If your marble is dirty, dull-looking, scratched, or etched, […]

Natural Stone Cleaning Process

Natural Stone Cleaning Process 1.Pre-Inspection: All Natural Stone cleaning and restoration as well as sealing jobs must be preceded by a thorough pre-inspection. Here we determine a customized care plan to meet your specific needs for your specific stone. 2. Area Preparation: Because your home is important to you it is important to us; we […]

How to grind marble?

Both polishing compounds and diamond abrasive discs will successfully grind marble down – removing scratches that occur over time and restoring the original polish and shine. If marble has uneven tiles, deep cracks or holes, or hairline fractures, you should have a professional examine the marble before diving in to do it yourself. If the […]


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