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Marble Polishing and Restoration.

  • Marble floors and countertops that have become dull and damaged will need professional service to restore their elegant luster and keep it looking at their best. At DIRT2SSHINE FLOOR CARE we know what it takes to make your marble floors look sensational again. If your marble is dirty, dull-looking, scratched, or etched, then we can restore them to its new condition.
  • Marble flooring provides a very beautiful and elegant touch to any home or business. It’s well known that they can also be pricey to install, which adds more value to your overall property. At DIRT2SHINE FLOOR CARE we provide a high-quality restoration and polishing service, our method is environmentally friendly by only using specialized diamond pads and water, we do not use any chemicals during this process. Once we finish polishing and sealing your marble floors, it will add an amazing shine and protect them from getting dirty again.
Marble Polishing ProcessThe best marble polishing methods incorporate the following steps used by stone polishing professionals to guarantee excellent results:Removing StainsMarble consists of calcium bicarbonate, a substance that requires unique cleaning products and equipment to remove stains. Certain stains are absorbed by the porous surface of the marble that cannot easily be eliminated by DIY cleaning methods. For example, stubborn stains like coffee, red wine and rust require expert cleaning techniques and specific cleaning materials used by certified professional cleaners to be effectively removed from marble surfaces.Removal Of Etch MarksEtch marks leave a dull and lighter appearance on marble surfaces that occur when the soft stone of the marble comes into contact with alkaline or acidic substances which are often found in regular household cleaning agents or from acid spills such as vinegar and lemon juice.PolishingThe next step is to polish the surface to bring back the shine of the marble and make the floor look clean and attractive. This requires the use of an industrial-strength polishing machine and a polish that is specifically designed for marble flooring.SealantFinally, a coat of sealant should be applied to add another layer of protection to the floor.In addition to the above steps, professional polishing also includes grinding with special machinery to remove any imperfections. Grinding is an essential part of the polishing process as it ensures that the surface of the floor is smooth and level.

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